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13 Years ago!

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo - we believe in thinking differently. This is done by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happened to make great products!

Our Executive Director Philip Spies started the company in 2004 with a dream of bringing new and exciting concepts and designs to South Africa. He does that by challenging existing technologies and streamlining it for the South African market. Philip has a background of military communication systems design.

Accentronix started out as a typical 'out of the garage' company, developing and introducing the concept of access control with your cellphone with the original Cellswitch V1 during 2004. From there on Accentronix established itself over its 13 years of existence as a leading technology supplier in the security, retail, industrial and agricultural sectors, exporting directly to Africa and Europe.

Today our products are used by most of the major food and retail companies, including KFC, Spur, Kauai, Wimpy, King Pie, Vida e caffe, just to name a few. Whenever you are in a shopping center, chances are that you are only meters away from one of our devices. There might even be one installed in your gate motor.

Applications where our products are being used in includes, access control in large security estates and homes, temperature monitoring in laboratories and food the industry, home automation, point-of-sale, irrigation control on farms and even weather monitoring buoys at sea!

We stimulate the local economy by using as many local resources as possible. We do this by means of partnering with institutions like CPUT and employing their technology students for their skills development programs. We also implement 'local only' policies by using South African manufacturing partners and electronic component suppliers making a positive impact on local job creation.
Our Manufacturing Partners (South Africa)
What we do
Our company has a product interests in wireless and cell phone technologies.

We constantly develop new products and use the latest wireless and GSM technologies in our designs.

We challenge existing technologies and streamline it for the South African market.

Our dedicated team of highly energetic software and hardware engineers provides the best service to our customers and partners by making sure that the solutions we offer are of the highest quality. This results in time and money saved.