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  • A Cellswitch is a small device containing a sim card that is installed inside any gate motor. This enables you to open the gate by simply phoning it.
  • A Wireless Intercom is a stainless steel gate station containing a keypad, speaker, microphone and sim card. It has the same basic features as the Cellswitch, but in addition, if someone presses your house/flat number (i.e. 151) it will make a call to your cellphone or land line during which you can speak to the person at the gate. You can open the gate by pressing 1 for main and 2 for pedestrian before the call is automatically ended.

    You can also change features like the maximum call duration, keypad access control number and speaker and microphone volumes from the login website.
  • Cellswitch Infinity  [10 000 users]
        - 10 000 x Access control numbers.
        - 2 x Output [To open one gate].
        - 2 x Inputs [To monitor two different sensors].

  • GSM Intercom Complex, Mini, Index   [10 000 users]
        - 1 x Numeric keypad [To dial a tenant and access code].
        - 1 x Speaker.
        - 1 x Microphone.
        - 2 x Outputs [To open the main and pedestrian gates].
        - 2 x Inputs [To monitor power failure and gate jam].
        - 1 x Stainless steel enclosure.

  • GSM Intercom 2-Button
        - 2 x Buttons [To dial a tenant].
        - 1 x Speaker.
        - 1 x Microphone.
        - 2 x Outputs [To open the main and pedestrian gates].
        - 2 x Inputs [To monitor power failure and gate jam].
        - 1 x Stainless steel enclosure.

  • I/O Expansion Board [8in / 8out]
        - Connects to a Cellswitch.
        - 8 x Outputs [i.e. geyser and security].
        - 8 x Inputs [You monitor 8 different sensors].
        - DIN Rail mount.

  • LabTemp Expansion Board [Temperature]
        - Connects to a Cellswitch.
        - 3 x Temperature Sensors.
        - 2 x Analogue Sensors (4-20mA).
        - DIN Rail mount.

  • After you registered your Cellswitch or Intercom on the website, you will be able to configure and manage it remotely from anywhere.
  • The configuration and access control numbers are kept in your account on our secure servers.
  • When you click on 'Update' the server connects to the Cellswitch or Intercom and copies the config file onto the device.
  • Request the current airtime by sending the following sms to the device: 1234.airtime
  • There is no software that needs to be installed on your pc, everything is done by logging on to our secure website.
  • We have been providing this service for more than 13 years and database backups are made on regular intervals. A small amount of the device's airtime is used every month to pay for the service.
  • We do have a premium service available for real-time monitoring and control for assets and where a large number of devices needs to be managed.

  • Please take a note of the 2015 T&C's for our monthly service fees for Cellswitches and Intercom Systems. 
  • Cellswitch 100 and GSM intercom 2 Button -> R10 airtime per month
  • GSM Intercom Complex, Index and Mini -> R20 airtime per month
  • The first 10 updates are free. (When you click on the 'Update Device' button). The first 3 updates per month is also free - thereafter R2.50 airtime per update. Any number of users may be added or removed before clicking on the 'update device' button.
  • Activation of Time based access control - R20 airtime per month.
  • Service fees are deducted directly from the airtime on the simcard on the 1st of every month.
  • It allows you to manage and monitor your device, and allows us to provide you with a secure management platform with detailed access control and event logs.
  • Airtime usage for Voice Calls for the GSM Intercom is charged by the network service provider as per their specified network rates. SMS's sent by devices is also charged at Network rates.  Please contact your network service provider (Vodacom/MTN/Cell C/Telkom Mobile) for their specific call, sms and data rates.
  • Our devices are in constant contact with our cloud platform and so an additional few cents of airtime is used for data/internet transfer. This depends on the amount of traffic/logs that is sent.
  • We recommend that you load R200 airtime per year on a Cellswitch to cater for platform service charges, alarm/notification sms's and data. The system will notify you when airtime drops below a specified value that you can set in the 'Email Notification Options' section.
  • The option of a fixed annual fee of R350 is also available so that you will never have to worry about managing airtime on cellswitches again. With this option your device will always be running the latest software and security releases. You will have unlimited updates and all premium and new features, like restricted time-based access control, will be unlocked. For more info (and bulk discount for property managing companies) send an email to
  • The easiest way to load airtime is via online banking.
  • Keep track of pre-paid airtime by the daily/weekly email reports.
  • Request the current airtime by sending the following sms to the device: 1234.airtime
  • It is recommended to load R200 once a year.
  • The device uses data to communicate to the server for updates.
  • A nominal amount of airtime is used every month as described in the portal T&C.
  • When you phone the device for Access Control, it will be treated as a free missed call.
  • When the Intercom makes a call after pressing a button, standard network call rates apply, depending on the pre-paid or contract sim in the device.
  • When the Cellswitch sends a sms, standard network sms rates apply.
  • The antenna should not be placed inside a metal enclosure or inside the Intercom housing.
  • Avoid positioning the antenna closer than 3cm to any metal object.
  • Check the Signal Strength and Quality by sending the following sms to the device: 1234.signal
  • The device will reply with a value of between 0 and 30, where 30 is the maximum signal.
  • The minimum recommended signal for optimum performance is 20.
  • If the signal is below 20, try rotating or moving the antenna to a higher position.
You can load up to 1500 access control numbers onto a Cellswitch or Intercom. You can also load an additional 10,000 button numbers onto an Intercom
  • In the case of a Cellswitch, an email containing a detailed log of access control numbers and times together with the pre-paid airtime balance and a basic status report is sent once a week.
  • An Intercom, in addition to an access control log, contains a log of which buttons was pressed at what times as well as a summary of the total number of times each button was pressed during the month.
  • An email report can be triggered immediately by sending the following sms to the device:
  1. Connect the 0V and 12V terminals directly to the gate motor

  2. Connect the N/O and COM terminals directly over the N/O and
      COM terminals of the existing gate remote control receiver.

  3. DONE!!

  A new un-registered Cellswitch is in 'Install' mode. This means
  that you can phone the device directly after installation.
  It will open the gate to any number that phones it before
  it is registered on the website.

  • Things to keep in mind
     - Check the signal strength. Sms 1234.signal to the device. 
        It needs to be between 20 and 30.

     - Check the airtime. Sms 1234.airtime to the device. 
        It is recommended to load R200 once a year.

        - Old email address.
        - New email address and password.
        - Owner contact detail to be verified against record entries.

        - Current email address where the device is registered.
        - Device Name and Cellphone number.
        - Email address where the device needs to be linked to.
        - Owner contact detail to be verified against record entries.

  • The Cellswitch or Intercom does not want to update! Phone the device and determine if it rings once and disconnect. If it goes directly to voice mail, check the 'Calls goes directly to voice mail' section below. If you hear one ring and it disconnects automatically, make sure that there is normal airtime available on the sim by sending it a sms 1234.airtime If you do not receive a sms back, the airtime have most probably ran out. Log onto your online banking and load airtime on the cellphone number of the Cellswitch or Intercom. The Cellswitch uses about R120 airtime per year. After you verified the airtime, check that the signal strength is between 20 and 30 by sending the following sms: 1234.signal

  • When I phone the device, it keeps on ringing and does not want to open the gate! It is probably a Contract sim. Contact the service provider (i.e. Vodacom or MTN) and ask them to enable the CLIP 'Calling Line Identification Presentation' of the sim. The CLIP is usually enabled by default on 'pre-paid' sim cards only.

  • When I phone the device, it rings once but does not want to open the gate. My number is programmed onto it! Check that your cellphone's 'Caller ID' is activated. Any 'No Number' calls will be ignored.

  • Calls goes directly to voicemail! Disconnect power from the device for 10 seconds and check that the led starts flashing after 10 seconds. If the led does not start to flash, check that the sim and antenna is connected properly.

  • The LED stays on and does not start to flash! Check that the sim card pin code is disabled. Remove the sim and clean the contacts.