1. Warranty Period and Conditions:
  • All products supplied by AccentroniX carry a warranty for 12 months from the date of delivery against any defective parts or operation.
  • Warranties are immediately null and void if any product is tampered with, operated outside the manufacturer's specifications, or repaired by any entity other than AccentroniX personnel or designated nominees.


  1. Voidance of Warranty:
  • The warranty is void if damage from external sources occurs, including physical damage, power surges, lightning, liquid damage, or incorrect wiring.


  1. Client Confirmation:
  •  The client confirms that the products and services on the tax invoice issued accurately represent the products and services ordered.
  • The client also acknowledges that, upon performance/delivery, the goods and services were inspected and meet the quality, quantity, and specifications ordered, free from any defects.


  1. Delivery Proof:
  • Any delivery note (original or copy) signed by the client and held by AccentroniX shall serve as prima facie proof that delivery was made to the client.


  1. Risk of Damage:
  • The risk of damage to or destruction of products is transferred to the client upon the signature of the delivery receipt.


  1. Delivery Times:
  • Estimated delivery and/or installation times are provided for guidance and are not binding to AccentroniX. The company commits to making its best endeavors to meet these timelines.


  1. Return of Defective Products:
  • It is the duty of the client to return any defective products to the premises of AccentroniX's nominee at the client's own cost.


  1. Approval for Goods Return:
  • AccentroniX will not accept any goods returned without the prior written approval of management.


  1. Ownership of Products:
  • All products supplied by AccentroniX remain the property of AccentroniX until they have been fully paid for.


  1. Suspension of Deliveries:
  • If any amount of money due by the client to AccentroniX is overdue, AccentroniX is entitled to suspend all deliveries until all amounts are paid or, at its election, to cancel all outstanding orders.


  1. Design Changes:
  • AccentroniX reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the design of the products ordered during the execution of the contract, provided that stated performance, quality, and specifications remain unaffected.


  1. Limitation of Liability:
  •  While AccentroniX will make every endeavor to fulfill its obligations, the company shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect damages, loss of profit, or any delictual liability of any nature whatsoever, unless specifically accepted by AccentroniX.
  • AccentroniX is not responsible for, and the client is not entitled to claim from AccentroniX, any penalties, losses, expenses, or damages, whether consequential or otherwise, arising from any cause.



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