Main Features

  • Connect the Accentronix Wired Keypad to any Intercom or Cellswitch Infinity. *Note that the Wired Keypad cannot connect to a Cellswitch Nano - Use the NICE Wireless O2 keypad instead.
  • Visitors will use the keypad to enter and exit using OTP's.
  • Multiple keypads can be connected to one device.
  • Backlit keys with Marine grade stainless steel enclosure.
  • Multiple wired keypads can be connected directly to an Intercom Infinity or a Cellswitch Infinity.
  • Wired keypads do not require batteries and have illuminated buttons.
  • Cable length can be up to 100 meters long.
  • Visitors can use their unique randomly generated access codes on the keypad when the feature has been activated.
  1. Firstly install the Accentronix Smart Home app from the app store.
  2. Devices will automatically appear in the residents app.
  3. Click on the invite guest button to add visitors.
  4. Visitors can be restricted to one entry and one exit or access for the whole day.
  5. The visitor will receive a sms or whatsapp containing their OTP as well as instructions and a google maps link to the property.
  6. As soon as the visitor uses the OTP the resident will immediately receive a notification.
  • You only need one interface board to connect multiple Keypads to a device. Simply connect the additional keypads in parallel to the interface board.
  • Remember to connect power directly to the interface board as it does not get power through the ribbon cable.
  • Connect the supplied 120-ohm resistors over the A and B terminals at the keypad as well as the interface board if multiple keypads are connected.
  • By default, the keypad will trigger Output 1 one on the Intercom or Cellswitch Infinity.
  • Enter one of the following codes below to change the output the keypad must control. This must be done within five minutes after applying power to the keypad.
    • Output 1: * # # # # 0 8 5 2 # 1
    • Output 2: * # # # # 0 8 5 2 # 2
    • Output 3: * # # # # 0 8 5 2 # 3
  • Dimensions: 720 x 870 x 530mm