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Home and Security Estate access control instructions


Once your mobile number is added to an Accentronix access control system for a gate, you will receive a welcome SMS containing instructions and a link to download the Accentronix Smart Home app from the app store.

Upon activating the app, buttons to control all the gates you have access to will automatically display the first time you open the app. To control a gate, simply press and hold its corresponding button.

For Bluetooth-enabled devices, a Bluetooth icon will be visible on the app buttons. If you are within 10 meters of the gate, your phone will prioritize connecting via Bluetooth – pairing occurs seamlessly in the background when you press a button. If a Bluetooth connection isn’t established, the app will connect via the internet.

If ‘Visitor Control’ is enabled, you can generate and send One-Time Pins for visitors to input at the entry, exit, or pedestrian gate keypads. Click on the icon, input your visitor’s details, and the pin will be sent via WhatsApp or SMS.

Intercom Systems

If there is an intercom installed at the gate, you will receive calls from the intercom when your visitor enters your assigned button code. After you answered and identified your visitor you can press 1, 2 or 3 on your phone’s keypad to open the corresponding gate.

If Visitor Control is activated, you will immediately receive an Exit PIN that you need to give to your visitor to enter at the exit gate’s keypad when they leave the property. You will receive a notification as soon as your visitor enters the PIN.






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