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Connect an External Relay to control a Maglock


Output 2 is an ‘open collector’ output which means it gives 0V to whatever it is connected to while it is switched on.
To drive heavier loads, connect the one end of the coil of an external (12/24VDC coil) relay to 12/24V DC and the other end of the external relay’s coil to Output 2. If Output 2 is switched on, it will supply 0V to the relay and turn it on.

Connection Diagram


Always place a blue or yellow EMI (Electromagnetic Interference filter) over the following terminals:

  • Relay coil positive(+) and negative(-) on the relay terminals itself.
  • Maglock/striker lock positive(+) and negative(-) on the lock terminals itself.

These EMI filters are supplied with the Cellswitch devices in a plastic packet in the device packaging.

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