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Device Info


Any changes to the Device info can be changed in the “Device Info”

Configuration > General Setup > Device Info

Setting that are available to change
  • Device name
  • Physical address
  • Default Location

Please note that the device cellphone number can only be changed by Accentronix Support. You can contact us at 021 330 5016 or send a Whatsapp to 021 330 5016.

Device Name:

You can give your device any name. Changes to the name will take effect on the “Device list” as soon as the Device has been updated.

Physical Address:

The Physical address is used when a new user is added to the access control list and a “Welcome SMS” is sent and when a “One-time-pin” is generated

Default Location:

The default location is used when the One-time-pin is created.

There are 3 options to select.


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