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Device list


Device List

On your device list, you will be able to see all devices registered to your account.
Information that is showed on the Device list:

  • Name
  • Sim1, Airtime1
  • Sim2, Airtime2
  • Signal of both Sims
  • Subscription renewal date
  • Notes
  • Last Comms
  • Status
This is the name that was allocated ti the device when you first register the device.
The Name can be changed under > Configuration > General Setup > Device Info
Sim Card information:
When the device is registered your sim card numbers are saved. If you would like to change the sim card in your device at any time, you can purchase any pre-paid sim card and Rica. When the sim is installed you can contact us to change the numbers online for you.
The Airtime of the sim cards are visible on the Device list, you can set minimum airtime value monitor online under > Configuration > Notification > Email Report Settings
Subscription renewal information:
Your device subscription is set as soon as you register your device. When you purchase your device and it is registered you will receive one year free subscription. Please see our terms of service online.
You can add notes regarding your device. Example: Airtime that was loaded, Repairs done.
Device last comms and status:
This shows the last time that your device has communicated into our Cloud service.
The two Status icons shows if the device Update has gone through successfully and If the device is online.
The Icons will change colour to show status – Red and Green



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