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How to share a device between Users


Share devices between Users.

Sharing a device enables more than one person to view the device on their own profile.
Different roles are available for the owner to allocate to different Users.


  • Owner
  • Full Admin
  • Access Control Management
When a device is registered that user is set as Owner of the device.
The Owner is able to add more “Full Admin” and “Access Control Management” Users to the device.
The Owner is also able to change ownership to another party when another User is added to the device.


Full Admin:
An “Owner” can add another User to have “Full Admin”. This enables the User to do changes on all aspects of the device.
“Full Admin” is usually used by installers so that they can set up the device as needed.


Access Control Management:
When a User is added as “Access Control Management” the User will only be able to manage the Access control list of the Device. Adding and removing the Users and managing the Remotes and Tags of the users.
These roles are usually used in Management companies where only access control is to be managed and no settings of the device to be changed



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